Spectrum Marketing’s long-standing relationship with TELUS Spark

In 2004, Spectrum Marketing approached the Calgary Science Centre with an opportunity to increase their fundraising dollars through naming rights. Intrigued by the concept, the leadership team engaged Spectrum Marketing in what was to become a long-term relationship with many successes.

The circumstances at the Science Centre were somewhat complex — a proposed Creative Kids Museum was soon to become part of the facility and there were plans in place to develop an entirely new science centre on a different site. Spectrum Marketing valued the Science Centre as it was then, and also evaluated the future science centre, its new location and the proposed Creative Kids Museum. Both tangible and intangible assets available to a potential sponsor from both a naming rights and overall sponsorship standpoint were considered for all different scenarios. Presentation materials were developed and formal meetings were held with TELUS representatives, the result of which is now TELUS Spark — a 20-year naming rights partnership between the science centre and TELUS Communications. Today, TELUS Spark is Canada’s first new purpose-built science centre in over 25 years.

With the new science centre well under way, the team knew that community support and fundraising for the new facility was a critical component of the new development. Spectrum Marketing was re-engaged in 2007 to facilitate sub-naming sponsorships for several signature spaces within the venue. Using Spectrum’s unique process including confidential interviews within the community, a research and strategic feasibility study was prepared in order to guide the sponsorship sales process. Working closely with the TELUS Spark team, a series of long-term sub-naming sponsorships were formed with Talisman, Enbridge, Suncor and Nexen.

A number of years later, Spectrum Marketing found itself working alongside the leadership team at TELUS Spark once again. Following a successful building campaign, there were additional properties available for sub-naming; The Outdoor Park and Learning Centre. Spectrum Marketing revisited the project, researched the marketplace and prepared a new, strategic feasibility report relative to each of these unique properties.



The Learning Centre is a constantly evolving, dynamic hub of activity that houses 4 learning studios and 2 laboratory spaces. It is a space to foster exploration and encourage learning for all age groups, from pre-school to young teens.  Spectrum Marketing and TELUS Spark collaborated to facilitate a naming sponsorship for the Learning Centre along with the sponsorship of a variety of school programs.  In March 2015, a 5-year $750,000 sponsorship agreement with the TD Bank Group was announced.  This tremendous opportunity allows TELUS Spark to expand their existing partnership with TD Bank Group and work together to help strengthen and encourage learning for students of all ages. This collaboration celebrates TD Bank Group’s values centered on community investment and participation while remaining committed to the future of our country’s young leaders.




The addition of an outdoor park at TELUS Spark will create a naturalized environment, encouraging visitors to explore the landscape in a playful and engaging way. The transformational expansion of the facility, already well underway, will convert 6.15 acres of outdoor space and highlight Alberta’s economic resources in agriculture and energy while welcoming four-season outdoor activities. Spectrum Marketing and TELUS Spark are focused on developing a mutually beneficial sponsorship with like-minded partners who will share their expertise and resources in utilizing The Park’s landscape and natural environments.  The Park will be a showcase for TELUS Spark’s partners, a place to highlight their industry’s engagement with the environment while providing a space where families will make the connection between active play and exploration, critical components in the development of a healthy brain.