Give Canada is uniquely positioned to help high-net-worth individuals and family foundations formulate comprehensive and effective giving plans.

We use a discreet and confidential process to explore and facilitate transformational leadership gifts that acknowledge and celebrate a donor’s wishes to contribute meaningfully in their chosen field, create lasting legacies and make a tangible difference in the community.

We understand that a transformational gift is just the start of a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between the donor and the recipient organization. That’s why it’s crucial for donors to enjoy the right fit at the beginning, with an organization that mirrors the principles and values held dear by the donor and their family.

Leadership donors who passionately give back to their community are the true heroes of philanthropy.

Our Unique Process


1. Research
Targeted giving means a donor, their family and/or foundation has the opportunity to make a significant impact on causes and charities whose values, goals and mission they embrace. We work closely with donors and their key advisors to explore and define the fundamental values, goals and motivations behind their desire to make a transformational difference. This includes a thorough analysis of past, current and planned giving.

2. Personalized Blueprint
Our understanding of a donor’s driving principles guides the creation of a giving strategy that donors can use to target gifts in a manner that meet their unique short and long-term needs.

3. Evaluation and Negotiation
We conduct a thorough analysis of giving opportunities that align with a donor’s philanthropic objectives and a comprehensive review of any relevant solicitations they receive. Then we act as a friendly liaison between the donor and not-for-profit organizations to negotiate, on their behalf, any funding agreement. Of course, the final decisions as to the amount, structure and recipient organization are up to the donor.

4. Collaboration
We play a key role by folding into a donor’s professional team of consultants, including accountants, lawyers and financial advisors, to provide seamless and effective counsel for unique leadership giving needs.


Strategic Counsel: Leadership Donors, Families and Foundations