Dr. David Saunders

Give Canada provided excellent value. I would borrow the money to retain this group if I didn’t have the resources to do so. Nowhere else could you get that kind of return.

Dean, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
Former Dean, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary

Meet Give Canada

logo Give Canada Major Gifts Capital CampaignsLeadership gifts rely on an extraordinary relationship between a donor and an organization. Give Canada uses its considerable expertise to help cultivate and guide partnerships that successfully match the passion, vision, values and requirements of philanthropists and the recipient organizations. We provide hands-on strategic counsel to organizations and institutions on major gifts and major gift campaigns with a focus on facilitating multi-million dollar transformational leadership gifts. We also facilitate opportunities for philanthropic individuals, family foundations and corporations to make significant and meaningful contributions to organizations and causes that resonate with their key values and priorities.

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Facilitating the most valuable philanthropic relationships for our clients begins with knowing how they operate and what they need.

Legacy gifts are personal, meaningful and always undertaken on the agenda of the donor. Our customized, donor-centric strategies employ this knowledge to the benefit of both parties. It’s never just about the size of a gift; it’s about understanding what our clients need to make a transformational difference.

Confidence and trust are crucial to any significant philanthropic decision. We work with donors and institutions to ensure respect, candor, discretion and integrity remain paramount in the relationship.

To be passionate, donors need to capture and embrace the vision of the recipient organization. We learn your goals and values so we can guide you in passionately telling your story.

Never underestimate the importance of research and strategy – crucial elements to facilitating the most aligned and valuable gifts.

Our Unique Process

  • Assessment

    We work with our clients to understand their goals and objectives — whether it's establishing a single leadership gift that includes donor recognition or the facilitation of a series of major gifts. We speak with the clients' community and cautiously gauge the marketplace. We then determine the best course of action and targeted strategy.

  • Inventory and Valuation

    We look at opportunities and use detailed market research, industry knowledge and comparables to determine appropriate gift targets — recognizing that the magnitude of the gift is important, but choosing the right donor is equally so.

  • Prospect and Presentation

    We carefully examine trends, relationships and the marketplace to determine the most engaged and aligned donors. Then we work with our clients to craft an innovative, laser-targeted Case for Support designed to passionately engage key prospects.

  • Negotiation and Implementation

    Outside strategic counsel is often what’s needed for an already engaged and passionate donor to see the benefits of making a leadership gift. Whether it’s a new donor or an individual close to the organization, we counsel our clients and their donors through a process that facilitates successful, enduring relationships.

  • Stewardship

    We provide solid follow-up guidance to foster ongoing mutually-beneficial sustainable relationships.

We Build Legacies. A Positive & Effective
Approach to Transformational Gifts.